Website Review: The Riley Guide

Service:  Career Guide with Job Search Function

Cost:  No.

Advantage/Catch:  The “job search” tab doesn’t feature jobs, but has links to websites that offer job searches, which is great, but can be time consuming.  The good thing about it is that they have a job search by country and then by area, making this truly an international resource, which I really like.  If you are looking for Carribian jobs, or are learning Hindi to teach in India, they have you covered. The site seems organized and consistent in its layout, which makes for easier navigating.  They have a A-Z keyword search page, which I really like, and helps you to see at a glance if they can answer the questions you may have regarding your job search.  The advice in the career guide is practical, but really nothing you probably don’t already know.   The employment news seems up to date and there are very few ads or distractions. 

Advice:  If you have time, it is worth looking into the list of job search websites.  The site has been around since 1994 which is impressive to me since it appears to be a “one woman shop” – she obviously knows her stuff.  If you find a job on this site, drop me a line.  I’d be interested in hearing your story.  

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